Iustitia – fundamentum regni

Правосуддя – основа держави

Ibi potest valere populus, ubi leges valent

Там може мати силу народ,           
                   де закони мають силу

Ubi iudicat, qui accusat,
                vis, non lex valet

Де судить той, хто звинувачує,
             насильство, не закон панує

The lawyer bureau of Oksana Sokolovskaya welcomes you to its web-site

Please consult a qualified attorney client privilege in such situations, when the resolution of the dispute do not have their own experience and knowledge, as is not always full of self-righteousness leads to a successful resolution of the dispute. In such cases, the aid comes a specialist in its field, which conducts business, provides legal protection, and simply provides legal assistance – lawyer. Provide themselves with the support of a lawyer, you will be able to assert their rights, as well as being completely isolated from error in matters.

At the moment, I’m a practicing lawyer. The main types of my work is the support of economic activities of companies, maintenance procedures, real estate construction, land relations and management of the debtor’s bankruptcy proceedings. Also views of my practice are civil and administrative cases in disputes with state authorities.

The main principle of my advocacy is a professional legal services in complex and therefore interesting affairs. After all, the main lawyer – it’s not only the protection of the client in order to obtain material compensation, and achieving the best results due to the client.

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