Sokolovsky O.V. – Lawyer arbitration manager (manager of the debtor’s property, managing readjustment, the liquidator), a member of the Bar Council in Kiev, a member of the Ukrainian Bar Association, the Bar Association of Ukraine, the Ukrainian public organizations of Ukraine “The Council of Advocates of Ukraine” Public Organization “District 13” takes an active part in social activities Advocacy m. Kyiv and Ukraine as a whole.

Experience in the provision of legal services – 12 years.
Experience a practicing lawyer for more than 7 years.

Sokolovsky O.V. has considerable experience of successful representation and protection of interests of clients, including foreign investors, in the courts of Ukraine. Oksana provides representation of clients in commercial and corporate disputes, developing efficient algorithms for the protection of property rights and interests of the customer, provides legal protection in criminal proceedings is constantly engaged to advise and expertise of a variety of commercial projects and analysis of the legislation.

In its activities Sokolovskaya A. reaches an optimal solution in the interests of entities or persons whose rights are protected. Lawyer theoretical experience through participation in conferences as a speaker on the topics that are subject to interpretation of the legal profession.

Education: The National Academy of Internal Affairs, Faculty of Law, 2005.

Advocacy – is an independent professional activity of a lawyer for the implementation of protection and representation of other types of legal assistance to the client.

Criminal cases
The successful use of the provisions of the Criminal lawyer and the Criminal Procedure Code will provide an opportunity to protect …
Legal support
For the business need professional legal support for appropriate training package of constituent documents of companies …
Family business
One of the most adequate solutions to family disputes, contact a lawyer who owns a professional theoretical knowledge in …
Civil cases
If you need a reliable and experienced lawyer in civil matters, which will be to represent your interests, civil lawyer – the lawyer …
Land relationship
The legal assistance provided by a lawyer in the sphere of land relations includes the actual conduct of …
Legal advice
The first step in solving difficult life situations is – legal advice or counsel (often referred to – legal advice) …

The client refers to a lawyer, and not to other legal professionals.

The lawyer not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. It should also be noted that the lawyer, compared with lawyers for improper performance of duties specified in the agreement on legal assistance, may be subject to disciplinary action, and evidence deprived of the right to practice law. It certainly requires a lawyer responsibly and with special attention to each client. Additional safeguards activities lawyer, established by the legislation of Ukraine, is the prohibition of any intervention and preventing the implementation of advocacy by officials of the executive, the judiciary, the extortion of information constituting attorney’s secrets, conducting inspection, disclosure, reclamation or seizure of documents related to the implementation of advocacy, intervention Private communication with the client and the lawyer, etc.

When it may need a lawyer or consulting lawyer?

Here is an example in our daily lives, there are many. Each case requires careful individual approach, as well as an analysis of all components of the situations that arise and require settlement. It is believed that the need for legal representation arises immediately on the stage of the judicial proceedings in this or that court. Typically, this idea is wrong. Mediation is the most mild form of alternative, non-judicial dispute resolution. During the mediation the parties involved in the conflict on their own come to a mutually beneficial solution, drawing on the experience, knowledge and skills of a mediator – a lawyer.

High-quality representation of a lawyer in court

The provision of legal aid lawyer in court – a guarantee that the client during the trial would have protection against pressure from opponents and the court would be fully informed of all the circumstances business, benefits and risks, rights and obligations of parties in the process. Counsel shall represent the interests in court, it is able to quickly and effectively analyze customer defense strategy, thus ensuring maximum rights for the win. There are hundreds of examples of how to help people professional lawyers won in the most hopeless lawsuits. Therefore reference to the advice of counsel in cases of litigation and the issues should stand you in the first place. Remember also that the law could be interpreted lawyer directly or diametrically opposed, and no one knows exactly what the law could come back to you.