Business Legal Services

quill-drawing-a-line Regulatory, regulations and court decisions, which create a legislative, executive and judicial powers, clearly require the interpretation of an expert in the field of law in the district ‘Due to the fact that the legal nature are rather complicated.

For business need professional legal support for appropriate training package of constituent documents of companies to further protect the owners (shareholders, members), taxation schemes of companies with a view to their optimization, preparation of various economic agreements and other legal documents.

Accordingly, for the normal operation and management of enterprises, businesses need legal support to those skilled in the field of commercial, economic, tax law.

In your company do not have a lawyer? Arisen in your company disputes require independent examination of the specialist? Lawyers of your company are not limited to disclosure of information about the course of business? You need an exclusive and legally competent, the contract? You do not know how to plan the activities of the company to minimize tax risks?

Skilled and professional to provide legal services to companies, legal entities.

Legal service, maintenance companies:

  • check-enterprises
  • the preparation of the statutory documents of the company
  • drafting contracts
  • legal support
  • amendments to the charter (constituent documents)
  • tax planning of the company
  • optimization of taxation
  • legal analysis (audit) of the company
  • represent the interests of enterprises in government
  • representation of companies in courts
  • representation of companies on claims / allegations of Consumer Protection
  • the legal analysis of contracts
  • legal service, support businesses, entrepreneurs
  • in the framework of legal service, maintenance, enterprise legal advice lawyer
  • sale of corporate rights of the company
  • the liquidation of the company
  • bankruptcy of the enterprise (disposal of property, reorganization, liquidation of companies)
  • due diligence sale of operating companies

In the framework of my legal, legal services acting attorney secrets to disclose any information that can be obtained in the course of my work with the client.

If the activities of your company, business, professional service you use a lawyer, your business is a success.

The economic situation in our country and the constant changes in the law are not the best promising young enterprises. Instability and lack of qualified approach leads to a decline in activity and liquidation of the enterprise. If you want your company to other fate, not stingy to turn to an experienced lawyer that offers full legal services firms in the capital.