Civil lawyer

Issues related to civil cases can be successfully solved only by experienced lawyers. The civil case – a special branch of law in which intertwine the different interests of the parties and very often these interests must be protected. Only a lawyer can fully provide qualified legal assistance in civil cases. If you need a reliable and experienced attorney in civil cases, who will represent your interests, civil lawyer – the lawyer that you need. You ask yourself why you should apply it to a lawyer, remember all the advantages, namely substantial experience in civil cases; the successful solution of the problems that arise, and the positive decision of courts; high professionalism and responsibility.

The lawyer Sokolovskaya OV It provides a wide range of services:

  • counseling and legal expertise on issues related to civil relations
  • representation of clients in government
  • represent the interests of citizens in civil cases in the courts – Disputes on the recognition of the rights; invalidation of the transaction, termination, infringement, enforcement of the obligations in kind, compensation for material and moral damage, invalidating the decisions, acts or omissions of public authorities
  • represent the interests of individuals for special proceedings:
    – establishment of the facts having legal value
    – restriction of civil capacity of a natural person
    – recognition of an individual incapable
    – restoration of viability
    – recognition of an individual is missing
    – adoption
    – recognition of the inheritance escheat
    – provision of mental health care in the face compulsory
    – the disclosure of bank information containing bank secrecy with respect to businesses and individuals
  • advice and management of hereditary cases
  • representation of clients in disputes arising out of the accident, including cases of administrative offenses