Land relationship


Legal assistance provided by a lawyer in the sphere of land relations includes actually conducting litigation relating to the infringement of the rights of land owners and the rights of individuals – citizens of Ukraine who have the right to own land within the limits of free privatization of such sites with a different purpose.

The lawyer involved in land disputes following:

  • the establishment of land boundaries
  • division in kind of land between its owners, including the determination of the order of land use
  • the recognition of ownership of the land; recognition of the right of permanent land use
  • appeal the refusal of the local government in the privatization of land, or the donation of the land
  • invalidation of transactions which are the subject land (sale, exchange, gift, easement, establishment of superficies, etc.)
  • disputes relating to the appeal of actions or omissions of public authorities
  • the removal of obstacles in the implementation of the land use right, the obligation to carry out actions of third parties that violate the right of the owner of the earth
  • recovery of property from illegal possession (vindication claim)
  • any other disputes relating to the infringement of rights to land plots

In addition to these services in the field of land law, a lawyer assisted in the preparation, registration, licenses and registration of contracts on which there are, modified or terminated land relations between corporations and individuals.