Criminal lawyer

Адвокат по уголовным деламThe real opportunity to exercise and protect fundamental human rights in criminal matters is provided primarily by legal mechanisms of the state. Some of these mechanisms is the Advocacy Institute, without which it would be impossible to imagine the organization of any European country and accordingly ensure full protection of human rights.

Successful use lawyer norms of the Criminal and Criminal Procedural Codes of Ukraine will make it possible to protect the legitimate interests of citizens and legal persons in public authorities (police, prosecutors, tax police and Security Service, etc.) and courts of all jurisdictions and authorities.

If you do not have a highly qualified lawyer in Kiev, practicing in criminal proceedings, you, unfortunately, is impossible in today’s realities exercise the rights guaranteed you by the Constitution of Ukraine and other legislative acts.

Given me a lawyer at any stage of the criminal proceedings, from weaning to the official explanation in future criminal proceedings, ending appeal and appeal to the verdict, which came into force. Remember that timely recourse to a lawyer and the end result – directly interconnected.

Your success depends directly on the stage of the criminal proceedings, I, as a lawyer, the process will take. Early client to appeal to a particular human rights issue can correctly build a line of defense, thoroughly examine the case and, if necessary, challenge them, to properly prepare petitions, claims, complaints, requests and other necessary procedural documents. A reasonable solution to the problem requires prior acquaintance with the facts you need to understand and analyze.

Ordering lawyer, you can be sure that you consult free of charge and are based on the results of the first lawyer for legal advice, drafting possible service contract. Because you handle the problem in time, the human rights activist is possible to get to the core issue. as said American inventor Charles Kettering, well-formulated problem – a problem half solved. Referring to a lawyer, you can avoid a nasty moment with space procedural term for a particular procedural action.

Lawyer in Kiev, to date, very diverse, as it is in obschem- and demand. Among the cities of Ukraine Kyiv lawyers are thus in great demand, implying a steady stream of various procedural cases that lawyers have to deal every day. So of course important to find a professional who will understand you perfectly and relates to your problems as their own. I guarantee a responsible attitude to all things that are in my production.