Lawyer in family matters

handshakeDisputes in the family often arise from psychological incompatibility of the couple, the presence of material dispute regarding property acquired during marriage.

In these circumstances it is very difficult adequately to assess the situation, make educated decisions, reach agreements among themselves concerning the conditions for divorce determining the place of residence, division of marital property, payment of child support, etc.

list of rights and responsibilities of spouses, order their implementation clearly defined by the legislator.

One of the most adequate solutions to family disputes, seek a lawyer who has professional theoretical knowledge of family law and has practical experience in the implementation of the rights of spouses in family dispute. A. Sokolovskaya also provides legal assistance in family disputes by court and pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

Attorney Services:

  • provide legal advice on family law
  • prepare, signing the marriage contract (contract)
  • agreement on the procedure for education and child support, project preparation, support and signature
  • divorce in court
  • alimony for child support
  • alimony for the maintenance of a spouse
  • definition habitats children
  • determine the order of parenting, communication with children
  • recognition of property jointly owned by the couple
  • division of joint property of spouses
  • legal support to the portion owned by spouses
  • recognition of civil marriage valid
  • enforcement of alimony
  • recognition of parental rights
  • deprivation of parental rights
  • establish procedures for training and communication with children
  • skilled preparation and submission of applications:
    – the recognition of paternity or appeal
    – alimony for the maintenance of incapacitated spouse or minor children
    – deprivation of parental rights

The lawyer in family matters – it is your reliable support for existing problems in the area of ​​family law, which is one of my areas of advocacy. Provided me qualified assistance during conflict situations that entail family disputes between spouses, parents and children, and other family members.

Another quite important aspect of such a specialist as attorney in family matters is to represent the parties in court without the presence of the customer directly in the divorce and division of property. It is quite negative for the client process that requires specialist such as family lawyer , specific skills in crisis situations. Thus, taking part in the trial division of property on behalf of his client, I enjoy deprive his client of emotional experiences and the need of personal meetings with the spouse.

Very important is the fact that often the intervention of a qualified lawyer in the family business has the ability to lead to a peaceful settlement of the dispute without going to court. This in turn greatly simplifies life on both sides and leads to overall positive consensus.