Getting the commitments, I use an individual approach to the client and to determine the fee, which can be fixed or “price range” depends on the amount of time and the number of specialists involved in the case.

When determining the amount of the fee is taken into account:

  • the amount of time and work necessary for the proper provision of legal services
  • the complexity of the legal issues associated with the provision of legal services
  • timeframes professional attorney-client relationship
  • the likelihood that the provision of legal services lawyer will preclude the provision of other legal services (conflict of interest)
  • the need for additional expertise on issues related to the case, which is in the production of a lawyer to obtain the best results
  • special or additional requirements of the Customer regarding the timing of legal services

Due to the fact that the provision of legal aid in many cases, is a set of professional effort and wasted time, determining the cost of a lawyer, anyway, it depends on many factors.

I use the following fee payment systems


provides for the immutability of the cost of legal services in the provision of legal aid and is set at a certain amount of legal services


provides legal fees depending on the time spent by counsel and is determined by calculating the cost of one hour of work according to the rates – prices starts from 2000 hrv / hour


provides comprehensive legal services with a fixed monthly fee, providing unlimited amounts of legal services at reduced prices (from 10% to 30%)

The initial consultation is free of legal entities